How Do I Cancel ADT Service

ADT provides almost no information on how to cancel service with them. Their instructions on their FAQ page say simply, "Call the National Sales Center phone number for relocation at 1-800-600-5145 and they can assist you."

The experience of numerous consumers when canceling their account with ADT, perhaps the nation's most well-known home security dealer, is outlined in a Consumer Affairs article: "people with ADT accounts are unable to cancel them no matter how hard they try." That same article outlines some very simple ways to ensure that your intentions to cancel are conveyed very clearly. While calling is convenient, the Consumer Affairs complaints would suggest that calls are not entirely effective in ensuring that your account is canceled with ADT. The better alternatives are to send a certified letter, a written email, or a fax. Written documentation is always more difficult to ignore than a simple, brief phone interaction.

Unfortunately, for those who signed a contract with ADT, there may be other complications. You can't simply cancel your ADT contract. One of Alarm Grid's big advantages is that we provide the same, reliable monitoring that ADT does without the burden of a contract at a price that is a fraction of the cost. Our cancellation process is simple as well. A simple email that is sent before your next bill is due is all we ever need.

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