How Do I Change The Battery On A 5811?

The Honeywell 5811 wireless door window transmitter, has Tamper Detection and the unit will send a tamper signal to the control panel when the cover is removed, It will send loop 4. This signal is then sent to a central monitoring station. To avoid false signals, if the alarm system is being monitoring by a central monitoring station, call and place the system on test.

To replace the battery in your Honeywell 5811, a small flat head screwdriver will be required. Insert the screwdriver into the notch along the short edge of the Honeywell 5811 and twist the blade gently to separate the wireless transmitter from the back case. Remove the battery by placing the tip of the flathead screwdriver between the edge of the battery and the bottom of the case. Gently push up while twisting to remove the battery. Install a new battery (CR2032 3V lithium coin cell battery) by inserting one edge of the battery under one of the two plastic battery retainer clips. Press down firmly to snap it beneath both clips.

The Honeywell 5811 has Low Battery Detection, and will send a low battery signal when the battery voltage reaches 2.3V. The battery will completely stop at 2.0V. When the 5811 detects a low battery, a low battery signal will be sent the next time it sends any other signal. Programming as input type 4, unsupervised, the control panel will see the low battery signal if it is sent with the check in signal.

The 5811 operates on, one 3V lithium coin cell battery, CR2032 and has a battery expectant life of up to 4 Years with the approved battery. The 5800 Series Transmitters draw quick 'bursts' of current during transmission, then sit idle with very nominal current draw. Most batteries are not designed for this type of use, therefore only batteries 'LISTED' as compatible should be used if the expected battery life is to be attained. When other 'non-approved' batteries are used the 'quick bursts' of current draw kill the battery cells prematurely, and they usually will go low in a matter of months.


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