How do I Change the Master Code of My Lyric Gateway?

To change the master code on a Lyric Gateway security system, press Security > Tools > enter the existing 4 digit master code. Honeywell’s factory default master code is 1234. Select Users > press Master > Edit > Enter a new 4 digit Master Code > Save.

A code can only be assigned to one user. Each user must have its own 4 digit code. If a user code that is already assigned is trying to be assigned to another, the system will display User Code Not Accepted. If this happens, press OK and assign a different four digit code.

A user code is required to arm and disarm the Lyric Gateway. The Master Code on a Lyric Gateway can perform all system functions. System functions include adding, deleting and changing users and user codes.

Only the Master Code can create Smart Scenes but the Master Code can provide another user with access to Smart Scenes.

The Lyric Gateway supports a total of 48 user codes. This includes the Master, Duress, Installer and Guest user codes. If a user arms the system with his/her code another user can disarm the system with his/her code. The exception to this rule is the Guest user code and the Installer Code. A Guest user code and the Installer Code can only disarm the system if that code was used to arm the system.

The Lyric Gateway has a protection feature “User Code Error”. The User Code Error will show on the keypad if too many invalid user codes have been entered and the panel will have a lock out time of 15 minutes before another user code can be entered. This prevents someone who doesn’t have a code entering numbers to see if one matches to disarm the system.

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