How Do I Change the Temperature Display to Celsius or Fahrenheit On the ADC-T3000?

You can change the temperature display to Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) on the ADC-T3000 by accessing the Temperature Units Setting within the website, or by adjusting the F/C setting locally at the thermostat. Adjusting through the website requires access.

The ADC-T3000 is a smart Z-Wave Plus thermostat that is used primarily with security systems connected with the interactive automation platform. Various settings for the thermostat can be accessed and adjusted remotely by accessing In order to do this, the thermostat must be connected with an alarm system that is actively monitored and set up with service. You can also adjust most thermostat settings locally at the device itself. Local configuration does not require service or connectivity with a security system or other compatible Z-Wave hub.

You can switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F) display for the ADC-T3000 either locally at the device itself, or through the interactive platform. We will cover both in this FAQ. Remember that doing this through will require that the ADC-T3000 is paired with an alarm system that is actively being monitored and set up with Complete the following steps to adjust the setting remotely through

1. Enter Website. Open the Website, and login to the account associated with the ADC-T3000 Thermostat. Contact your monitoring provider if you are having trouble accessing your account.

2. Access System Information. After logging into your account through the website, choose Settings, followed by Account Management, and then System Information. You will access System Information.

3. Adjust the setting. Locate the Temperature Units dropdown menu. Use the dropdown menu to set either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

4. Apply the change. Click the Update button. This will save and apply the change. The ADC-T3000 Thermostat will update once it receives the command sent down from

If you do not have access to, or if you prefer to adjust the setting locally at the thermostat itself, then complete the steps listed below. Remember that you will need to be on-site and have direct access to the thermostat.

1. Open Settings. At the ADC-T3000 Thermostat, press the - button on the left-hand side of the unit. This is the button directly above the > button as seen in the image above. After you press the - button, you should select SETTINGS. This opens Settings.

2. Locate F/C Setting. Once you are in Settings, you should select USER. From there, select the F/C option. You will have located the F/C Setting.

3. Make your selection. Select either F or C. The F option is for Fahrenheit (°F). The C option is for Celsius (°C). Choose accordingly based on your preference. Once you have selected, you can back out to the main screen. Your selection will be saved automatically.

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