How Do I Change the Volume of a DSC Impassa?

You can change the volume of a DSC Impassa by first entering in the command [*] [6] [Master Code]. This will open up buzzer volume settings. The volume can then be adjusted using the left and right arrow keys. Once the volume is set, press the [#] key to exit the volume settings menu.

The DSC Impassa refers to the built-in sounder as the "buzzer". There are 21 different buzzer volume levels that can be used with the DSC Impassa System. Setting the system to the lowest level will mute the keypad entirely. The volume for the system can be changed at any time. The system's current Master Code is needed to access the volume settings menu.

Complete the following steps to change the buzzer volume of a DSC Impassa:

1. Access volume settings. From the system's home screen, press [*] [6] [Master Code]. The default Master Code for the system is 1234. After entering in this command, press the left arrow [<] once to reach "Buzzer Control". Press the [*] key. You will access the volume settings menu.

2. Adjust the volume. Use the left and right arrows on the system to change the volume. Pressing the left arrow [<] will decrease the volume one level. Pressing the right arrow [>] will increase the volume one level. Continue until the desired volume level is set.

Remember, there are 21 different possible volume levels that can be used with the DSC Impassa System. Adjusting the volume to the lowest possible setting will mute the system entirely. Trying to set the volume any lower than this will have no effect. Likewise, trying to increase the volume beyond the maximum setting of 21 will not work either.

3. Save the changes. Press the [#] to exit the volume settings menu. The new volume will be set with the system.

If you ever want to change the volume, you can always access the volume settings menu again later on.

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Perhaps there is a firmware difference between your panel and the version we tested this with. Are you saying there are 21 different tone frequencies to choose from? There are definitely 21 numbers to choose from when following these instructions. When we tested this, the volume did change. The panel we tested on was a version 1.3.
This doesn’t work. Changing this setting only changes the FREQUENCY of the tone. It ranges from a low tone to a high tone, but the chime sound is all the same volume.

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