How Do I Check Signal Strength On A Honeywell GSMX4G?

On the outside of the GSMX4G housing, there are diagnostic LED lights which provides signal strength and status indications. The bottom LED light will display signal strength. If there is a solid green light on, means the signal strength is satisfactory. A blinking light indicates marginal strength. If there is no light, this is unsatisfactory and no signal which means no communication.

To check for satisfactory signal strength before a GSMX4G is installed, power up the GSMX4G from a 12V battery or from the control panel's AUX PWR terminals. In buildings where reception may be a problem, powering from a battery would allow the communicator to be portable enabling a user to move around to find the best signal strength. If using the control panel, make sure power to the control panel (both AC and battery) is off. Open the

enclosure and connect the ECP cable to the GSMX4G communicator. Attach only the Black and Red wires to the GND and AUX PWR terminals of the control panel, this will be temporary while checking for signal strength. Do not connect the yellow and green wires at this time. Turn the power back on and wait about one minute for the communicator to initialize. Position the GSMX4G communicator where it will be installed. Verify the signal strength making sure the LED green light is lit solid and that it remains steady for a few minutes. Turn the power off.

The GSMX4G communicator is compatible with the Honeywell’s Vista series security system's control panel and is easy to install. The GSMX4G cell communicator is a very reliable path of communication. The GSMX4G communicator can be mounted directly on the control panel or remotely.

Signal strength is very important for proper communication. When selecting an installation location, the GSMX4G communicator must be installed indoors, and for best signal strength it should be mounted vertically.

Most of the time, installing the GSMX4G communicator on the control panel provides adequate signal strength . The GSMX4G communicator should not be installed in a basement or in an area next to large metal objects, this might cause communication interference. If the control panel location does not provide adequate signal strength, then the communicator can be mounted remotely or an added antenna can be installed.

The sim card must be activated first in order for signal strength to be determined. 

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