Can I use an RJ31X to Connect An L5200 To Phone Line?

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L5200 has the compatibility to communicate via internet, wifi, cell communicator and land line.

To connect the L5200 to a land line, use a flat head screwdriver to release the front case from the back case by depressing the two locking tabs found on the top of the panel. The telephone connection will be found on the top left hand side. To achieve full line seizure, the control must be placed in series with the incoming phone line. Cut the incoming Ring phone line (this will be the red wire) and connect it to RJ31X terminal 4 (located on the top left side of the RJ31X). Cut the incoming Tip phone line (this will be the green wire) and connect it to the RJ31X terminal 5 (located on the top right side of the RJ31X). Now connect the premises end of the cut Ring wire (this will be the grey wire) to the RJ31X terminal 1 (found on the bottom left hand side of the RJ31X). Connect the Tip wire ( this will be the brown wire) to the RJ31X terminal 8 (found on the bottom right hand side of the RJ31X). Now wire the flying leads of a Direct Connect Cord to the control’s phone terminals. Green to the tip (far left terminal, incoming phone line) Red to the ring (2nd from the far left terminal, incoming phone line), Grey to the H/SR (far right terminal, to premise phones) and the Brown to the H/ST ( the 2nd from the right terminal, to premise phones). Plug the Direct Connect Cord into the RJ31X jack.

This will allow the control to seize the phone line when an alarm occurs and normal phone line usage by the phones if the plug needs to be removed.

The Lynx Touch L5200 is the last of the Lynx Touch series that a user can connect to a landline. The newest Lynx Touch L7000 does not have a landline connection.

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You can use the 5800C2W ( ) wired to wireless converter module. Each 5800C2W can accept up to 9 wired zones and it translates those wired zones into wireless zones that can be sent to the L5200. You can use WIFI and phone line monitoring with the L5200 as well. Although, if your phone relies on your internet, there is no advantage to having phone line as a backup path to the internet path. Cellular monitoring would be the better backup path.
I want to upgrade my VISTA-20P (phone line Monitoring) to maybe L5200. Does L5200 only support wireless sensors ? How can I connect my current wired window / door sensors to L5200 ? Can I setup the dual path for phone line (current Monitoring company) and Internet ?
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