How Do I Connect My Tablet To A Honeywell Lynx L5100?

A tablet provides a second method for users to view and controll a  Lynx Touch L5100. The Lynx Touch L5100 must have a L5100WiFi module or an ILP5 internet communicator. The module or communicator must be actively connected to a network. From the tablet's home screen, select the “Settings” icon. From the setting screen, select “Wireless & Networks”. Turn on the WiFi and the screen will display “Turning On”. A check mark will appear in the box when the WiFi is connected. Once connected, select “WiFi Settings” and a list of available networks will be displayed. Select the same network the Lynx Touch L5100 is connected to. If the correct network is not displayed, press the MID menu button to rescan networks or go to “Adding A WiFi Network" to add. A log in screen may appear if the network is password protected. Enter the password for the network and select “Connect”. Select the “Home” key to return. At the Lynx Touch L5100 master user screen, select the “Keypad” icon. From the tablet, select the Lynx Touch L5100 connect icon. Check “Agree” to the license and user agreement and a discovering control panel will appear. Within 10-20 seconds the tablet will display the Security Screen.

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