How Do I Connect the ADC-V522IR to a WIFI Network?

You can connect the ADC-V522IR to a WIFI Network by pairing it with a router using the WPS button. To do this, power the camera on, wait for it to boot up, press and hold the WPS button on the camera until its light flashes blue, and activate the WPS function on the router to finish.

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Like all Cameras, the ADC-V522IR must be connected to the internet to work with the service. A user can access In addition to using a WIFI connection through WPS, the camera can also support an ethernet connection or an access point (AP Mode). But using a WIFI connection is usually the most popular option.

Once you have the ADC-V522IR connected to a network, you can pair it with You can then access your account at any time to view the live feed for the camera. This is possible through both the Website and the Mobile App on Android and iOS Devices.

Complete the following steps to connect the ADC-V522IR to a WIFI Network:

1. Power on the camera. Take the power cable that comes included with the ADC-V522IR, and secure the barrel connector in the back of the camera. Then take the other end of the cable and plug it into a wall outlet. The LED light on the camera should begin flashing red. This indicates that the device is booting up. Wait for the LED to remain a solid red. This indicates that the camera has finished booting, but it is not connected to a network. It might take a few moments for this process to complete.

2. Activate the WPS function. Press and hold the WPS button on the back of the camera for at least three full seconds. The LED light on the camera will begin flashing blue. This indicates that it is ready to be paired with a router.

3. Activate router WPS. Go to your router, and press its WPS button. This will activate WPS mode for the router so that the ADC-V522IR can pair. Depending on what type of router you have, a WPS light might illuminate.

4. Confirm the connection. It might take a few moments for the camera to pair with the WIFI network. Once it does, the LED light will remain a solid green. You can then pair the camera with

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