How Do I Delete a 5834-4 panic programmed to an L5200?

To delete the panic button from a 5834-4 keyfob connected to a Lynx Touch L5200, touch the Home Security icon, then “more”, then “tools”. Enter the installer code. Honeywell’s default installer code is 4112. Select “program”, then “keys”. Select the keyfob that need to be edited. Select “No Alarm Respond” for the bottom right button. Select “save”. Hit the return button. Always say YES to the question, “do you want the installer to re enter?”.

If the factory default installer code does not work, you will have to reset it to get into programming. Follow the following instrucitons to reset the installer code on the Honeywell Lynx Touch L5200. Power down the L5200 completely by removing the transformer and back up battery. Repower the system, as soon as you see the white screen during reboot, press and hold the home button beneath the house icon. Release the Home button when you see ‘Ready to Arm’ on a green bar across the screen.Press and release ‘Security’ on the touchscreen. Press and release ‘Arm Stay’ on the touchscreen. A display will appear, enter ‘Clear’ followed by ‘00’. Press the program button and enter back into programming.

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