How do I add or edit an user profile in Total Connect?

Adding a total connect user or editing an existing user is fairly straightforward.

From the initial screen after you've logged into your Total Connect account, first, select "Users". If you want to add a new user simply press "+ Add User." Then choose if you want this user to arm/disarm from the keypad only or have Total Connect access to control the system from the app. Choose "keypad only" or "user." Then be sure to enter a new 4 digit user code under the grant access section on the right before saving.

If you are setting up a TC user you will need to choose the user name, set the password, enter an users First and Last name, and optionally add an user's picture in place of the avatar that exists by default. Then click on "+ Add" under "Email Address List". Select whether you are going to add an Email address or SMS. You can several points of contact by pressing +add again. Do not leave a blank email window or you will not be able save. You will receive a link via email/text for you to press and validate by entering the username of the given user.

Once you've built the user, select "Enable User Code Sync". This will push the user to the panel. After it says, "User Sync Success" in the event log test the new code at the alarm panel to ensure it properly synced.

If you want the new user to receive alerts be sure to add them to a user group. Press User Groups on the right side of the Users section and click into your existing group. Then add the new user by clicking on their username and saving.

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You would need to log-in at and edit the avatar for your log-in under the Users section of the account.
how do I change my userid
Only on an iPad, not an iPhone. If you don't have an iPad, you'd have to use the website.
Can you add/remove users via the TC 2.0 mobile app?
Thanks for the informative and quick answer.
You can setup an unlimited amount of users to access the system through the app or website. However, the L5100 only supports 16 user codes if you want those users to be associated with an actual user code and three of those codes are for the installer code, duress code and babysitter code so really you can only map to 13 separate user codes.
How many users can I add to a Total Connect to use their mobile devices to arm/disarm a L5100PK?

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