How Do I Enable/Disable Motion Detected Wake on an ADC-T3000?

You can enable/disable the Motion Detected Wake feature on an ADC-T3000 by accessing and changing the setting within the website, or locally at the thermostat itself. To adjust the setting remotely through, the system must be actively monitored and set up with

It is not possible to have the ADC-T3000 display its screen at all times. But you can have the screen activate automatically upon detecting movement nearby as long as the thermostat is receiving AC power. This feature is referred to as "Motion Detected Wake", and you can enable or disable it based upon your personal preference. You can adjust the setting at the thermostat or remotely through the website. We will cover both methods in this FAQ.

Complete the following steps to enable/disable Motion Detected Wake locally at the thermostat:

1. Open Settings. At the ADC-T3000, press the - button on the left-hand side. The - button is directly above the > button as seen in the image above. After pressing the - button, you should choose Settings. You will enter into Settings.

2. Access Motion Settings. Once you are in Settings, choose User, followed by Motion. You are now within the Motion Settings Menu.

3. Enable or disable. Set the Motion option to ON for enabled, or OFF for disabled. You can return to the main screen once you have finished.

You can also accomplish this same task through the website. This will require that your system is monitored and set up with This setting is not available through the customer-facing app. To adjust the setting, complete the following steps:

1. Access your ADC account. Go to the website, and login as a customer. Contact your montoring company or reset your password if you are having trouble.

2. Access Advanced Thermostat Configuration. From the main page, find the Thermostats Card. Click the > button that looks like a right arrow. Then choose Advanced Configuration to proceed.

3. Configure the setting. Choose User. Then choose Enabled or Disabled under the Motion Sensor option. This will confirm your selection.

4. Save your changes. Click the Save button, or else your changes will not be applied. Remember that once saved, the update will need to be pushed down to the thermostat from, which could take a few minutes.

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