How Do I Enable/Disable Thermostat Lock On an ADC-T3000?

You can enable/disable Thermostat Lock on an ADC-T3000 by applying the change within the website. When this feature is enabled, the thermostat cannot be controlled locally, and all actions must be performed remotely by an authorized user through the website or mobile app.

Please note that you can also set a "partial mode" lock, in which setpoint changes can still be made locally at the thermostat, but all mode changes will need to be made through the website or mobile app. Also note that you can bypass an Enabled lock setting by performing a full power cycle of the thermostat. To do that, you must remove both AC power and battery power from the device, and then power it back on.

Complete the following steps to set or remove a Thermostat Lock for an ADC-T3000 Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat:

1. Login to the website. Visit the website, and login to your account. If you are having trouble, you may need to reset your password or contact your monitoring provider to have them help you login.

2. Access Advanced Thermostat Configuration. Once you are at the website and logged into your account, find the Thermostats Card. Then press the > button, which is also known as the Details icon. From there, select Advanced Configuration. You will enter the Advanced Thermostat Configuration Menu.

3. Choose the desired setting. If multiple thermostats are in use, be sure to choose the correct thermostat from the drop-down list. Look for the Thermostat Lock Setting. You can set it to Disabled Mode, Enabled Mode, or Partial Mode. Remember, choosing Enabled Mode or Partial Mode will restrict either some or all of the device settings to the website and mobile app.

4. Save the change. Press the Save button at the bottom left of the Advanced Configuration screen to save your changes and finish. Remember that the newly applied setting will need to be pushed down to the thermostat from This may take a few moments, so please be patient.

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