How Do I Factory Default an ADC-T3000?

You can factory default an ADC-T3000 by accessing the corresponding menu option for the thermostat. All device settings must be reconfigured from scratch after performing the default. Never attempt to perform a factory default on the ADC-T3000 without clearing it from the network first.

A user will typically only perform a factory default on an ADC-T3000 Thermostat as a last resort for troubleshooting issues affecting the thermostat or the Z-wave network as a whole. This process may also be performed as a general courtesy before selling a used thermostat, or giving a used thermostat to someone else. The defaulting process cannot be undone after it is finished, so make sure you are absolutely sure you want to default the device.

Complete the following steps to factory default an ADC-T3000 Thermostat:

1. Clear from Z-Wave network. If you haven't already, clear the ADC-T3000 Z-Wave Plus Thermostat from the Z-Wave network first. Refer to the manual for your Z-Wave controller to learn how to exclude, or clear, devices from the network. Failure to complete this step could result in problems for the Z-Wave network and the ADC-T3000 device. Keep in mind that you will also need to access the appropriate Z-Wave settings within the ADC-T3000 as part of the Z-Wave clearing process. Also, you do not need to use the Z-Wave controller or hub that the ADC-T3000 is assigned with to clear it from the network. Instead, this process can technically be performed using and functional Z-Wave hub.

2. Access the default option. Start from the primary display of the ADC-T3000. Press the - button on the left-hand side. This the button directly above the > button. After pressing, the - button, select Settings, then Installer, then Continue, then Reset. This will take you to the Factory Default confirmation screen.

3. Confirm the default. Select "Yes" to indicate that you want to factory default the device. Remember that once you do this, you cannot undo the default. Make absolutely sure you want to default before pressing the Yes button.

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