How do I find MAC address and CRC of a Honeywell 7847i?

Once you have installed your AlarmNet 7847i internet communicator and signed up for one of our no-contract alarm monitoring plans, you will need to supply us with your unit's MAC and CRC numbers. Theses numbers are special identifiers that we use to link your internet communicator to AlarmNet's servers. Once your 7847i is activated by us using the MAC and CRC, your system will be able to send its alarm signals using your internet service and you will be able to use Total Connect if you have signed up for a plan that includes the interactive service.

After ordering one of our monitoring plans, you will receive an email asking when you'd like to activate your service and asking what your communicator's MAC and CRC numbers are. The easiest way to find the MAC and CRC for your 7847i is to look on the edge of the box that the 7847i was shipped in. The MAC is a twelve digit number and always starts with 00-D0-2D. The entire MAC number will be in the format of 00-D0-2D-##-##-##. You just have to supply us with the last six digits of the MAC number. You will also find the CRC number on the box as well. The CRC is a four digit sequence of numbers or letters.

If you don't have the box that your 7847i internet communicator originally came in, you can also find the MAC and CRC information by looking at a sticker on the 7847i's green circuit board. Simply remove the cover of the 7847i and you will find the MAC and CRC numbers printed on a white sticker.

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Do you have a 7847i? I'm confused by your reference of an antenna.
I don't see the sticker inside the antenna and I don't have the box anymore. Is there still a way to get these numbers? Or do I have to purchase another antenna?
Hi Jack, Sorry we hadn't finished this FAQ when you originally posted. The best way to find the MAC and CRC numbers is to just remove the cover on your 7847i and look at the sticker on the main circuit board. Let us know if your 7847i is missing this sticker and we can let you know what your other options are to identify your unit's MAC and CRC.
I can find it how through the keypad?

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