How Do I Find the Serial Number On an ADC-T3000?

You can find the Serial Number on an ADC-T3000 by checking the product box or by looking underneath the device's back cover. Once you find the Serial Number, you should save the 16-digit code for easy access later. The Serial Number may be used in certain situations for troubleshooting.

The ADC-T3000 is a smart Z-Wave Plus thermostat from It was built for use with security systems that connect with, but really you can use it nicely with pretty much any Z-Wave controller. Each ADC-T3000 model has its own unique Serial Number that is used to differentiate it from other ADC-T3000 devices. You may be asked to provide this Serial Number when working with a professional to troubleshoot the device. You may also want to know the Serial Number simply for recordkeeping and reference purposes.

There are two (2) locations where you can find the Serial Number. These locations are on a sticker underneath the device's back cover and on the product's box or packaging. We will cover both in this FAQ. Complete these steps to find the ADC-T3000 Serial Number on the sticker underneath the device's cover.

1. Remove back cover. If necessary, remove the thermostat from its mounting base. Turn the thermostat over so you see the rear of the device. Remove the device's back cover using a screwdriver.

2. Locate the Serial Number. Look in the upper-left corner above the Z-Wave Plus logo. You should see the device's Serial Number on the same sticker.

3. Note the Serial Number. Write down the Serial Number or take a picture of it. Keep it somewhere safe for easy access.

Now here's how to find the Serial Number on the product's box or packaging:

1. Find the box. Locate the box for the product. If you threw it away, then you can try to find it, but it might just be easier to try the previously explained method at this point.

2. Find the Serial Number. On the box, you should find a sticker. This sticker has a bunch of information unique to your ADC-T3000 model. Right below the barcode, you should see the 16-digit Serial Number.

3. Store the Serial Number. Just like if you found the SN on the device, you should take a picture of the SN on the box or write down the number. Then you can store it for safe-keeping.

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