How Do I Get an Alarm Permit in Jacksonville, FL?

Jacksonville, FL alarm permits are obtained by filling out the forms on Jacksonville's permit site. The city requires monitored households to obtain a city permit to avoid extra fees when police are dispatched. New permit fees are $10, and the fee for existing systems or renewals is $0.

Jacksonville's ordinance Chapter 168 governs the regulation of alarm systems and responses to false alarms within the city. It defines a false alarm as an alarm whereupon inspection it is determined "by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office... that no unauthorized entry, robbery, or other such crime was committed or attempted in or on the premises which would have activated a properly functioning Alarm System."

The city provides a schedule of fees for false alarms, allowing for 2 free false alarm dispatches in a given year.

  • 1st false alarm : No charge
  • 2nd false alarm : No charge
  • 3rd false alarm : $50.00
  • 4th false alarm : $100.00
  • 5th false alarm : $150.00
  • 6th false alarm : $250.00
  • 7th false alarm and above: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will not respond to burglar alarm calls but will continue to respond to panic or robbery alarm calls and the alarm user will be charged $250.00 for each false alarm.

For users that incur charges, these charges can be offset with classes. The city provides an "False alarm Prevention User Awareness Class" study guide (please check their site for a more recent version if it exists). This class offers the opportunity to receive a waiver of up to $100 to users who take an online alarm awareness class once every two years.

Follow the steps below to obtain a permit in Jacksonville, FL:

  1. Sign up for monitoring in Jacksonville. If you haven't already done so, you need to get your system monitored. If you are already set up and monitored already or if you are on the calendar to get activated, then proceed to the next step.
  2. Fill out the monitoring forms on Jacksonville's false alarm reduction portal.
  3. Let your monitoring provider know when your permit has been assigned a number. Your monitoring company (Alarm Grid included) needs to know when your permit has been assigned a number so that it can be put on file with the central station responsible for dispatching the police. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, you can do that by emailing Let us know that you have registered with the city, and we will let you know when your account's ready for dispatching.

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