How Do I Install A 2GIG GC3GA-A Into A 2Gig GoControl?

The 2GIG GC3GA-A is a 3G gsm cell communicator that works on AT&T's network. This gsm cell communicator is compatible with the 2Gig GoControl panel and

To install the gsm cell communicator, separate the back case of the 2Gig control panel from the front using a small screwdriver and pressing the tabs found on the top of the panel. Use the same screwdriver to open the antenna cover found on the side of the control panel (this may be skipped if an external gsm antenna is being used).

Plug the gsm cell communicator into the control panel. Secure with the included 2 screws and lock washers.

Place the included antenna into it's slot and route thru the opening of the panel, then under the clip on top of the speaker and connect to the gsm cell module.

If installing an external antenna, route the cable through the lot in the mounting plate and connect it to the gsm module.

Snap the antenna cover back.

Close the GoControl panel by snapping the front and back case together.

Some of the benefits in installing a 2GIG AT&T cell module, it transmits security information to online portals fast and is reliable. Users can also get over the air firmware updates to the 2 Gig control panel. Users can also connect to's interactive services allowing to control the alarm panel and home automation by downloading their mobile app. Users will get real time notifications by text or email to keep informed on what's happening at home the moment it happens.

The 2Gig GoControl must have firmware of 1.9.5 or higher to be compatible with the 2GIG GC3GA-A gsm cell communicator.

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