How Do I Install A 2Gig GCCDMV Into A 2Gig GoControl?

The 2Gig GCCDMV is a compatible cellular communicator for the 2Gig GoControl alarm panel. The 2Gig GCCDMV provides secure wireless communication from the alarm system via Verizon cell towers to servers, which then transmitt to a central monitoring station.

The 2Gig GCCDMV cell communicator is a module that snaps directly inside the GoControl panel making installation easy.

Users can also receive over the air firmware updates for the GoControl panel when the 2Gig GCCDMV is installed.

The 2Gig GoControl panel’s firmware must be 1.9.4 or higher for the 2Gig GCCDMV cell module to work. To check the panel’s firmware, press the Security icon, then menu, then toolbox. Now enter your four digit master code, press the right facing arrow once. Press the Version icon on the bottom right hand corner. This will display the firmware version.

Before installing the 2Gig GCCDMV cell module, power down the system completely by removing the transformer from the electrical outlet and disconnecting the panel battery from the 2Gig GoControl panel. To open the panel, use a small flathead screwdriver and press the 2 tabs found on top of the control panel, then pull apart. Disconnect the battery. Plug the 2Gig GCCDMV into the right side of the panel. Secure the 2Gig GCCDMV cell module with the included screws and lock washers. Connect the included antenna and house it inside the compartment found on the side of the panel.

Close the panel by snapping the front to the back.

The 2Gig GCCDMV is now ready to be registered by an authorized dealer.

The 2Gig GoControl panel is a self contained wireless alarm panel and home management system that supports 48 wireless zones, 2 hardwired zones and 32 user codes. 

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