How Do I Install A Honeywell 5800PIR-RES Motion Sensor And Enroll It To The Lynx Touch L7000 Control Panel?

The 5800PIR-RES is a wireless motion sensor, which has a 35’ x 40’ protection pattern and provides up to 80 lb pet immunity. The Lynx Touch L7000 supports Honeywell’s 5800 series devices. Before you install the 5800PIR-RES, select a location, preferably in a corner or middle of a wall. Make sure you do not mount it over an air conditioner, heating vents or on a window or door frame. Install the motion where pets cannot come within 6 feet of the device by climbing on furniture or other objects. Aim the 5800PIR-RES away from stairs that the pet can climb.The 5800PIR-RES should be mounted 7.5 feet - 8 feet up from the floor. Mark the area with a pencil where you want to mount the motion. Separate the front case from the back by pressing the tab on the bottom of the motion. Once separated, insert one 3V battery (CR123A) and wait for the power up cycle to end. A 10 minute walk test mode will begin after power up is completed and can be restarted by removing and replacing the battery. From the home screen on the Lynx Touch L7000, press the “security” icon, then “more”, than “tools”. Enter the installer code. Select “zones”. Toggle to the next available new zone and press. To auto enroll the 5800PIR-RES, when prompted for the serial number to activate the sensor, wave a hand in front of the lens to enroll the sensor. Select Loop 1, Pulse Count 2; up to 80 lb pet immunity. Program the motion as an RF type supervised device. If for some reason a problem exists in auto enrolling the motion, use the manual way. When prompted for the serial number, enter the digits on the displayed keypad. Select Loop 1, Pulse Count 2 and program as an RF type supervised device. Press “done” and press the return icon to return to the home screen.

Mount the back case using the mounting holes, wall anchors and screws or double sided adhesive. Inside the back case will say “top” to ensure the motion will be properly mounted. Now connect the front case of the motion to the mounted back by inserting the top first and finish by clicking in the bottom.

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