How Do I Install a Honeywell 951WG in a Door?

To install a Honeywell 951WG in a door, drill a 3/8 inch hole into the door frame and a matching hole into the door itself. Then run a 2 conductor wire from your panel to the hole in the frame and feed it through. Finally, connect the wire to the sensor and push the sensor into the hole.

The Honeywell 951WG is a recessed door and window contact that can be discreetly installed into most doors and windows. It is a hardwired device, meaning that it must receive a direct wire from the alarm system in order to function. A user will drill a hole into their door or window and another hole into its frame so that the sensor and its magnet can be inserted. This will take the device largely out of sight, while still providing the complete functionality of a door or window contact. Since the included magnet is only 3/4 inch long, this contact is best used with thin doors and windows. The sensor is available in both a white or brown color.

Complete the following steps to install a Honeywell 951WG recessed contact into a door:

1. Drill the holes. Drill a 3/8 inch hole into the door frame, along with a matching hole into the door itself. When drilling the holes, make sure that they are perfectly aligned for the best possible results. You can use a wooden 3/8 inch dowel to mark the locations for the holes. Place the dowel in the location where you would like to mount the sensor. Measure from the top of the door to the top of the dowel, then mark the location. Do the same on the door frame, accounting for the difference between the top of the door and the top of the frame.

2. Wire to the panel. At the security panel, connect a 2 conductor wire to one of its hardwired zones. We recommend using an 18 gauge wire for this application. Make sure that the connection is nice and secure but not overly tight.

3. Run the wire. Bring the wire from the security system to the hole in the door frame and feed it through.

4. Complete the install. Attach the wire to the 951WG sensor. Then push the sensor into the hole in the frame to hide it from sight. Finally, insert the magnet into the hole that you drilled in the door. This will complete this installation process for the 951WG contact.

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