How Do I Install an Antenna on a GSMV4G Radio?

The Honeywell GSMV4G Communication Module comes equipped with an internal dual band cellular antennas. In most cases, this antenna will provide a sufficient received signal strength. Avoid installing a cell communicator in a basement. Signal strength is determined on how well the cell tower receives the signal. If a signal strength is less than 3 bars with the internal antenna, an external antenna should be used. Honeywell offers several different antennas a user can connect to boost the signal strength. The following will provide information on two different antennas.

The Honeywell GSM-ANT is an indoor fixed antenna. The GSM-ANT is not weatherproof and should be installed indoors only and vertically for the best possible reception. Before mounting the antenna, find the best coverage area by moving the antenna to several locations, usually on an exterior wall at the highest point in the building. Once a location is determined, power down the system by disconnecting the battery and remove the transformer from the outlet. Remove the plastic tab from the mounting hole and insert the SAM end of the adapter cable. Secure the SMA connector with the washer and nut included with the antenna. Plug the MMCX end of the adapter cable into the external antenna port. Mount the GSM-ANT vertically at least 12 inches clearance from any steel beams, HVAC, and other large metal objects. Route the antenna cable and connect the SMA to the GSMVX4G. Power up the control panel and verify signal strength.

The GSM-ANT3dB is an exterior weatherproof antenna that can be mounted up to 50 feet away from the GSMV4G when RG8 coax cable is used. The same basic instructions apply; find the most suitable location that provides the most signal strength. Usually the highest point of the building. Avoid installing near any large metal objects. Power down the alarm system by disconnecting the battery and removing the transformer from the outlet. Punch out the plastic plug from the mounting hole on top of the GSMV4G and insert the SMA end of the adapter cable. Secure the SMA connector with the washer and nut included. Plug the MMCX end of the adapter cable into the external antenna port. Attach the antenna to the mounting bracket. Power the system back up and verify signal strength. Mount the antenna vertically using the included hardware . Use the included silicone rubber tape to waterproof the antenna connection.

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I installed a Honeywell Extenal antenna and when I cannot to the extisting antenna port nothing hapopens., Just one red light. If I put the original back on the same port, I get one red and one green. I assume no programming is necessary to tell it I am using an external antenna. I have a Vista-15 and the GSMV4G

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