How Do I Install the 2GIG SMKT3-345?

You can install the 2GIG SMKT3-345 by selecting an appropriate spot to install the sensor, securing the mounting plate to the wall or ceiling and attaching the device to the mounting plate. The device includes screws and wall anchors for mounting. But a power drill will also be needed.

2gig smkt3 345 wireless smoke heat and freeze detectorThe 2GIG SMKT3-345 is a wireless smoke, heat and freeze detector that communicates with alarm systems at a frequency of 345 MHz. Its smoke detector operates using photoelectric technology. Its heat sensor uses both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise detection principles. The freeze sensor activates at temperatures of 40 degrees or lower. To prevent false alarms, any fixed temperature detection must occur for at least nine minutes before an alarm will occur.

Complete the following steps to install the 2GIG SMKT3-345:

1. Select a location. As a smoke detector, there are some important guidelines to follow when selecting a mounting location for the 2GIG SMKT3-345. The main things to remember is that the device should be placed in an area where it can properly detect smoke and where it can successfully alert building occupants. Smoke rises, so it is wise to place the SMKT3-345 high up on the wall or on the ceiling. Some great places include in bedrooms, hallways and large central locations. But some places to avoid include near vents, ducts and kitchen appliances that can interfere with its performance.

2. Secure the mounting plate. The SMKT3-345 is secured to a mounting place that is installed on the wall or ceiling. To install the mounting plate, hold it up against the wall or ceiling, and mark the locations for the holes to be drilled. Then carefully use the power drill to create holes in the marked locations. It is important to accommodate for the wall anchors that will support the screws. Once the holes have been drilled, use the included screws and wall anchors to attach the mounting plate to the wall.

3. Secure the smoke detector. Align the SMKT3-345 with the mounting plate so that it can be secured into place. Then press the device against the mounting plate, and turn the device clockwise to lock it into place. A distinct "click" will confirm that the smoke detector has been successfully secured to the mounting plate. The device will need to be removed from the mounting plate when changing the batteries later.

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