How Do I Open A FG1625 Glassbreak Detector?

To open a Honeywell FG-1625 glassbreak, users will find a screw located on the top of the front cover. Using a small phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the screw and separate the front cover from the case.

The FG-1625 glassbreak detector senses the sound of

breaking glass, plate glass, tempered glass, wired glass, laminated glass, film-coated glass, and sealed insulating glass. The FG-1625 glassbreak detector can be added to any hardwired security alarm control panel.

For the best performance, the FG-1625 should be mounted on a wall or ceiling, opposite the protected glass, within 25 feet and have a clear view of the glass (heavy drapes should be avoided). The FG-1625 should be 6 ½ feet from the floor and 3.3 feet from air ducts. Avoid mounting the detector on the same wall as the protected glass, on free-standing posts or pillars, or in rooms with noisy equipment (air compressors, bells, power tools, etc.), if this equipment is operated when the detector is armed.

The sensitivity can be easily adjusted using the dip switches located on the circuit board.

The FG-1625SIM does NOT illuminate its LEDs on power-up. LEDs operate only in Test Mode.

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