How Do I Pair My Lennox iComfort WIFI Thermostat with

You can pair your Lennox iComfort WIFI Thermostat with by having your monitoring company apply the Lennox feature to your account and then pairing your Lennox account with your account. This process can be easily completed using the Mobile App or website.

The Lennox iComfort Thermostat Integration for is compatible with the Lennox iComfort E30, the Lennox iComfort M30, and the Lennox iComfort S30 thermostats. Once you complete the integration, you can control your thermostat and check its status from the Mobile App and website, just like you would for virtually any other compatible Thermostat.

The integration includes the following features:

  • View Current Temperature
  • View Current Mode
  • View Current Setpoint(s)
  • View Current Humidity
  • View Current Fan Mode
  • Change Setpoints
  • Change Mode
  • Change Fan Mode
  • Request Status Update
  • Complete Scene Integration

Before you get started, make sure that your Lennox WIFI Thermostat is powered on and actively connected to your local WIFI network. If you haven't already, set up an account using the Lennox App. Since this is a server-to-server integration, you will be required to provide your Lennox account information to during the initial setup. This is needed to give permission to control the thermostat. Both your Lennox username and password will be needed.

Complete the following steps for the integration:

1. Have Lennox feature added. Your alarm monitoring company must apply the feature to your account. Reach out to your monitoring company, and ask them to apply the Lennox Thermostat feature to your account. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, then you can contact us by emailing

2. Begin the integration. Access your account through the mobile app or website. Once you are logged in, where you will go depends on which platform you are using. For the website, choose the Settings Menu. For the mobile app, choose the three (3) horizontal bars icon at the top left. Then after that, select Manage Devices, followed by +Add Device, and then Thermostat. Then choose Lennox iComfort Thermostat. Keep in mind that you will only see this option if your monitoring company added it to your account. From there, follow the on-screen prompts.

3. Provide Lennox account information. At some point, you will be asked to provide your Lennox username and password. You may also choose to review the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Reviewing this information is optional, but it is available for you if you choose to read it. The discovery process of looking for the paired thermostat will begin after this information is provided.

4. Confirm the integration. Make sure that locates the thermostat and adds it successfully. You will then be able to control the thermostat using the Mobile App or website. The thermostat should appear in the Thermostat Card of the interface. You should test the new integration to ensure that it is working correctly.

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