How do I pair a LYNX Connect app to a LYNX Touch panel?

The device with the Lynx Connect App installed will automatically enroll to the Lynx system by loading up the program and navigating to the Keypad submenu on the system.

The Lynx Touch all-in-one wireless home alarm systems were the first complete touchscreen alarm systems released by Honeywell. Lynx panels communicate over Ethernet (ILP5), WIFI (L5100-WIFI) or Cellular (GSMVLP54G, 3GL or CDMA-L57). Each of these communication methods can be used by themselves, or WIFI can be used in conjunction with Cellular for a Dual Path setup. Lynx panels are compatible with all 5800 series wireless sensors. The only wireless keypad which can be added to the system is the 5828 or 5828V Voice Annunciator Keypad. These keypads are fully functional, but their display is fixed english so they can only display zone numbers with system status. The 5828V can speak status and zone descriptors, if descriptors within its vocabulary are used during zone setup. With the Lynx Connect app, users are able to interact with their system much more fully.

The Lynx Connect app is available for download at the Google Play or Apple iOS store for the small price of $1. The apps graphical user interface mimics the touchscreen on the Lynx panels.

To interact with the panel the device running the Lynx Connect app will need to be on the same IP network as the Lynx panel. This means the Lynx Touch must be equipped with either the L5100-WIFI module or the ILP Ethernet module. Through the app, a user can arm and disarm the system, receive weather temp and time information, if enabled, scan for and rename IPCAMs on the system, and interact with and program scenes and rules for home automation devices. The app is extremely responsive and is a convenient way for users to access their panel with the same touchscreen interface from any supported smart device on the same network.

Here are the steps to connect the device running the app to a Lynx Panel -

At the Lynx press :

Security > More > Tools > Master Code > Keypad

Leave the panel on this menu.

Load up the Lynx Connect app on the desired device.

As long as the smart device is on the same WIFI network as the Lynx Touch, it should automatically enroll as a keypad, and you’ll see its MAC address displayed. The MAC address below has been intentionally obscured

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Hi Guys, here it is September something and I just read that the Lynx Connect app is gone? I have a 5200 project and the key component was the app on a android tablet for my wife who is disabled. Finances prohibit and with no additional room to add to this project or upgrade to a newer panel or monitoring. Can someone give me a direction to this app as it seems every app downloader on the web is linked to the google store. Maybe a tech forum? Thanks...
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We do support automation in a few of our plans here at Alarm Grid. Give us a call here at 888-818-7728 and speak to one of our Planners to assist you further.
Understandable... But my alarm company does not support automation. All I can do through Total Connect 2.0 is turn on/off my alarm. I was hoping to be able to use the app locally in my home to control things. Maybe I should change alarm companies.
Honeywell built revision 9 to add LTE cellular communication support to the Lynx Touch panels. In doing so, they broke the Lynx Connect app for local control. We have reported this already and they are supposedly working towards a repair. If we get any updates or ETAs from Honeywell we can post that here for you. In the meantime, there is really not much you can do. We have asked about being able to roll back firmware and there does not seem to be any way to do that locally or through the AlarmNet communications.
Ralph, the email I got when I requested the firmware update stated that it would make the panel incompatible with the WiFi only app. That app no longer worked with my new Android v9 phone so it didn't matter. It looks like its a forced transition to the TC 2.0 app so they can let the Total Connect app die.
I recently had a new lynx 5210 panel installed. It came with v9 firmware installed. I am unable to get the Lynx Connect Android app to work. It says my panel is incompatible. What should I do?
Great, I'll check it when I get home and fire off an email if necessary.
You're welcome Charlie. The latest firmware is Revision 9. You can check that by going into Tools>Enter Installer Code(default 4112)>Test and then you will see Rev. The firmware on the L7000 does not automatically updated OTA it must be requested from Honeywell through your monitoring company. Do you have monitoring service with us? If so, email us at with your information.
Thanks Ciara, The problem I was describing was that the Lynx Connect app appears to not work with the latest version of Android. Can you tell me what the latest firmware is for the Lynx 7000 panel? Does panel firmware update automatically OTA? I haven't updated the panel firmware manually since I installed it several years ago. If a manual firmware update is available, can you direct me to where to find it and instructions on how to install it? Yes, I have the Total Connect 2.0 app and it does function OK. The major problem with TC 2.0 is none of the scenes programmed on the panel transfer to the app. I was hoping not to have to recreate all of the scenes on my phone. Thanks Again.
Hi Charlie, Thank you for contacting us! From what your saying it seems like your firmware has updated to the latest revision 9 which has caused communication issues between the Lynx app and the Lynx panels. Currently there is not a solution to fix this issue unfortunately. We have already reached out to Honeywell regarding this issue and we are currently waiting to hear back from them. In the meantime, the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app will still function properly.. If you currently do not have access to this application, feel free to check out our monitoring plans Hope that helps.
I just updated my phone to Android Pie and now TouchConnect will not connect to my Lynx 7000 panel. My phone is connected to the WiFi but the app says "unknown ssid" and just spins when I try to set it up. BTW there was a system warning when I first opened the app on the new phone to the effect the app was made for an earlier version of Android.
A Self Bronze Plan would not allow you to access everything. You will need Silver or higher to be able to use Z-wave devices, and you would need Platinum to be able to access videos.
So will a Self Bronze plan allow me to access all the standard modules in TC 2.0 such as the Video Module and the Events, Rules & Notifications Module? If so, what is the Remote Z-Wave Control and Video Surveillance features listed in the Silver, Gold, or Platinum self plans for? Anything with the TC icon will allow you to use Total connect 2. There is no additional charge to using TC2 but you would need a plan to use it.
Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now have to weigh the pros and cons of using the 3GL communicator vs the ILP5. I do have my U-verse router, POE network switch, and Wi-Fi access points connected to a UPS. I also have a gasoline generator for extended power outages. I have an underground U-verse service drop but the utility pedestal and the house network interface box are accessible as is my electric meter. 3GL Pros tamper resistance will function for 24? hours in a power outage with L7000 24 hr battery 3GL Cons higher cost service plan still have to purchase L5100-WIFI less reliable LYNX Connect and Total Connect from within my residence using Wi-Fi ILP5 Pros lower cost service plan no need to purchase L5100-WIFI more reliable LYNX Connect and Total Connect from within my residence ILP5 Cons vulnerable to AT&T U-verse tampering outside my residence I do plan to try Total Connect 2.0. I am confused regarding the cost respective to your plans. Is there an additional monthly charge or is it included but only certain features are available depending on the plan? Can I use Total Connect without a plan or does it require I have a plan with an Alarmnet provider as I suspect?
Yes, you should be able to use an ILP5 and still connect to the L7000 with the LYNX Connect as long as the device you're running the LYNX Connect app from is on the same network as the system. Have you considered trying Total Connect 2.0 so that you can control the system when you aren't on the same home network and also so that you can get email and text alerts from the system? We have plans as low as $10/month (Self Bronze) at that would give you TC2 access using the L7000 and an ILP5 module.
Can an ILP5 hardwire Ethernet communicator be used instead of the L5100-WIFI to connect to a L7000 using LYNX Connect? I'd prefer to have the reliability of a wired home network connection.
Ah, yes that does sound like a possible DHCP conflict or lease issue. You should be able to access your router while it's connected to see what MAC address the system has or you can check the Comm ID Numbers page in the Comm Diagnostics section of panel programming to see the system's MAC (different than the WIFI MAC). Once you have that MAC address, you should be able to setup MAC filtering in your router so that the panel connects to an IP address that nothing else on your network would ever use. We aren't IT experts to walk you through that setup but anyone familiar with your router should be able to assist you with that process and that should help with the panel WIFI dropped connections. Have you considered trying out the Total Connect 2.0 app? We have no-contract plans online at with rates as low as $10/month (the Self Bronze plan) that would provide you with TC2 access.
Lynx Connect on iOS
Which app are you referencing? The LYNX Connect app or the Total Connect 2.0 app?
I have the iPhone and iPad apps and a Lynx 5200. The app is very inconsistent as to whether it will connect to the control panel, about 50% of the time at best. It's not a network issue, as I don't have any problems with other apps and the panel is connected to the WiFi. The only thing that seems to fix it is rebooting the router, which makes me wonder if it's some kind of dynamic IP/lease issue, but don't know enough to confirm whether that makes sense. Anyone know of any fixes?

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