How Do I Program a Honeywell L5000 Alarm System?

You can program a Honeywell L5000 Alarm System by entering Zone Programming and selecting an available system zone. All of the zone settings will need to be configured. The Serial Number for the sensor will need to be provided. Most users will auto-enroll any new wireless sensor.

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If you want to program an L5000, complete the following steps:

1. Open Zone Programming. Begin from the main L5000 screen. Select Security > More > Tools > Installer code (default is 4112) > Program > Zones. You will open Zone Programming.

2. Pick a zone. A sensor can only be enrolled to an available zone. Most users will just press "Add New" at the bottom to select the next available zone. But if you want to manually select a zone, you can scroll the list and click on one to highlight it. Then press "Edit" to select the zone you highlighted.

3. Learn-in the sensor. Pick the Serial Number field in the upper-left corner. You will then need to activate the sensor three times to auto-enroll it. The panel will beep after each successful activation. Sensors can be activated by faulting, removing the tamper cover or by pressing a test button. The process will generally depend on the sensor you are using. Check the sensor's installation manual for more information on programming. Once have activated the sensor three times, you should be taken back to the previous screen, and the Serial Number will be displayed in the corresponding field.

Another option is to manually enter the Serial Number of any sensor you want to enroll. This practice is discouraged, since the user might make a mistake when entering the Serial Number. If this happens the sensor will not work properly. Additionally, auto-enrolling is really the only way to confirm that the sensor is communicating as it should. As a result, auto-enrolling is recommended in the majority of cases.

4. Adjust the settings. Next you will want to configure all the settings for the zone. The following settings are available:

  • Loop Number: This determines which function the sensor will use with that zone. There are four Loop Numbers available in programming. You should check the sensor's manual to find out which Loop Number to use. Alarm Grid also has a helpful guide that explains which Loop Number to use with most Honeywell 5800 Sensors.
  • Zone Descriptors: The Zone Descriptors serve as the name for the sensor. We recommend choosing something that will help you easily identify the zone later, such as "Bedroom" or "Kitchen". Remember, the Device Type will also be included as part of the name.
  • Device Type: This determines the sensor type that is being used. It must be set accordingly.
  • Response Type: This determines how the L5000 System will respond when the sensor is activated. If you want to review the possible Response Types, we recommend checking this helpful FAQ.
  • Alarm Report: This setting determines whether or not the central station will be alerted if the zone causes a system alarm. Generally, this should be set to yes for all burglary and life-safety zones.
  • Chime: This option sets the Chime that the system will produce when the sensor is faulted. If you set this option to Disabled, there will be no chime for that zone.
  • Supervision: This sets whether or not the L5000 Panel will periodically check-in to make sure that the associated sensor is sending out signals properly. Supervision should generally be enabled for any sensor that will constantly remain on the property. But you might disable it for devices like key fobs or wearable medical alert devices.

5. Save the changes. Press the Save button in the bottom-right corner. Then keep pressing the return arrow in the upper-right until you are taken back to the main menu. Make sure to select "Yes" when asked if you want to allow the installer to re-enter programming.

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