How Do I Program A Keyfob Using A 6160RF?

To program a Key Fob, enter programming using the 6160RF keypad. (the instructions are the same to enter programming on a Vista 15P,Vista 20P and Vista 21iP). To enter programming, enter the installer code, (the factory default installer code is 4112) followed by the numbers 800. Once in programming, “Installer Code 20” will be displayed on the keypad.

Enter star (*) 58 zone programming menu mode to program zone information and enroll each button of the wireless keyfob being used. For the Vista 20P and Vista 21iP use zones 49-64; and the Vista 15P use zones 49-56.

If programming a 5804BD wireless keyfob, program to House ID which is field star (*) 24. The House ID in this unit can a number from 1 - 31 and must match the programmed House ID number in the control panel or the 6160RF keypad.

Once the keyfob has been enrolled, a user must be assigned before it becomes active.

When programming is completed, press star (*) 99 to exit programming. Entering star (*) 99 allows re-entry to programming. Anything else used to exit programming will result in being locked out and users would have to use the back door method to re-enter.

The buttons on a key fob are typically used for arming and disarming but can also be programmed for panic, fire and medical. Please refer to the particular key fobs install manual that is being installed for complete programming instructions.

The Honeywell 6160RF keypad is an excellent keypad as a primary keypad for a Honeywell Vista control panel. The 6160RF is a alphanumeric keypad that has a 2 line LED display which allows to enter zone programming. The 6160RF keypad is 3 units in one. The 6160 keypad, a built in 5881ENH wireless zone receiver and a 5800TM module. 

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