How Do I Program A Leviton VR106 On A Lynx Touch L5200?

Before programming the Leviton VR106 dimmer switch in the Lynx Touch L5200, the device should be installed to the manufacturers requirements.

To enroll the Levitron VR106 dimmer switch, programming should be done at the touch screen in the control panel of the Lynx Touch L5200.

Select the “Home Automation” icon on the home screen. Select “Tools”. From the Device Management screen, select “Include Devices”. The touch screen will display “Entering Inclusion Mode”, this may take a few minutes. The touch screen will display “Ready To Include Device” within 1 minute of this display, press the function button on the Leviton VR106 dimmer switch. If the Leviton VR106 dimmer switch has been successfully enrolled, the touch screen will display “Device Found”. After a short waiting period, the device information will be displayed and the associated information of the Leviton VR106 will be added at the top of the inclusion list. Select the “Home” icon to return home.

The Lynx Touch L5200 and every z-wave device you add are linked together into a wireless network. Each z-wave device in your has a unique address assigned to it and cannot be activated by your neighbor's Z-Wave controller. The z-wave devices can be controlled directly from the Lynx Touch L5200 touch screen or when connected with Total Connect 2.0, users can control them from any computer, smartphone or ios device.

Once a z-wave device has been included to the network, users can control them manually or through “Scenes”. Scenes are programmed in the Lynx Touch Automation feature and are used to schedule a single or group of devices ,in this case the Leviton VR106 dimmer switch to turn On/Off at a certain time. A total of 20 scenes can be programmed in the Lynx Touch L5200. (Please refer to setting up scenes, rules and conditions in the installation manual of the Lynx Touch L5200 for complete instructions).

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