How Do I Program A New Zone On a Honeywell Vista 15P?

To program a new zone on the Honeywell Vista 15P, enter programming using the installer code (4112 is the factory default installer code), plus the number 8, 0, 0 using an alphanumeric keypad like a 6160. Once in programming, press the star key (*) then 56, the screen should then display “enter zone number” 00=quit. Hardwire zones are 01-06, if a zone expander is being used, use zones 09-24 for additional zones. After the zone number has been entered, Press 01, plus the star (*) key and a summary screen will display the current values for the zone. ZN is the zone number, ZT is the zone response type, RC is the report code, IN is the input type and RT is the response time. Press the star (*) key, the screen will display (example) 01 zone type fire 09, if this is correct press the star (*) key to continue or enter the correct value for this zone. (refer to the Vista 15P programming guide for the complete list). Press the star (*) key to continue, 01 report code will appear (report code values are in hexadecimal form and range from 01-15. Press the star (*) key plus 99 to exit programming.

The Vista 15P has 6 on board hardwire zone, when paired with a zone expander will support an additional 16 zones totaling 22, or can support up to 26 wireless expansion zones when paired with an RF keypad or 5881 series receiver. In addition to the wireless expansion zones, the Vista 15P has 8 independent keyfob zones allowing the key fobs to be programmed without having to use any of the 26 wireless zones.

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