How Do I Remove a Wired Recessed Sensor?

You can remove a wired recessed sensor by pulling it out from the frame of the door or window. Then do the same with its magnet. The wire will then need to be fished out from the other end of the hole. The hole can be covered up or left for a new recessed sensor to be installed later.

A recessed sensor refers to a certain type of door and window contact. These sensors differ from surface-mount sensors, in that a recessed sensor will not be readily visible. This is because a recessed is inserted into a hole that is drilled into the frame of the door or window. Its corresponding magnet is inserted into another hole that is drilled into the door or window itself. On the other hand, a surface-mount sensor will simply rest on the outside of the frame. This can make a recessed sensor more aesthetically pleasing. However, some minor drilling will be involved during the installation process.

Some people may think that removing a wired recessed sensor is rather difficult. They likely hold this perception due to the wiring and the holes involved. However, removing this type of sensor is actually quite simple. Complete the following steps to remove a wired recessed sensor:

1. Pull out the sensor and its magnet. Pull out both the sensor and its magnet from their respective holes. They may be inserted tightly into the holes. If this is the case, you may need to slowly wiggle them out. The magnet will come completely out since there are no wires attached to it. The sensor itself will be left dangling in the hole with the wire still attached.

2. Disconnect the wire. At the sensor, disconnect the wire from the back of it. You may need a screwdriver to disconnect the sensor. You will be left with the wire hanging out from the door.

3. Pull out the wire. From the other end of the hole, pull out the wire. The other end of the wire should be connected to the security panel or to a wired to wireless converter. Go to the other end of the wire, and then pull until it is removed from the hole. Make sure that the wire does not bump into anything important while you are doing this.

4. Complete the removal. To finish up, you may want to disconnect the wire from the security panel or from the wired to wireless converter. This will free up an additional hardwired zone, and you won't have a loose wire hanging around. You may also cover up the holes that were used for the recessed sensor and its magnet. However, some users keep these holes so that they can be used with a new recessed sensor.

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