How Do I Remove a Z-Wave Device from a DSC Impassa?

You can remove a Z-Wave device from a DSC Impassa by accessing the Z-Wave setup menu, putting the system in its Z-Wave exclusion mode, and activating the inclusion function on the Z-Wave device to remove it. The DSC Impassa will recognize the device and clear it from the network.

Dsc scw457aatnt front openAfter a Z-Wave smart home device has been cleared from the DSC Impassa, the user will no longer be able control the device from The device will then be able to be added to a new Z-Wave network if desired. Please note that removing a Z-Wave device from the network is also an important step to be taken before attempting to add any new Z-Wave device to the DSC Impassa System. Many new Z-Wave devices are enrolled with Z-Wave networks before leaving the factory for testing purposes.

Complete the following steps to remove a Z-Wave device from a DSC Impassa:

1. Open Z-Wave setup. Z-Wave devices on the DSC Impassa are added and removed through the Z-Wave setup menu. To access this menu, start from the main screen of the panel with the system disarmed. Enter the command [*] [6] [Master Code]. The default system Master Code is 1234. Then use the arrow keys (< & >) to find "Interactive Serv". Press the [*] key to continue. Next, use the arrow keys to find "Z-Wave Setup", and press the [*] key. The system will enter its Z-Wave setup menu.

2. Access exclusion mode. Use the arrow keys on the DSC Impassa to find "Remove Z-Wave Device". Then press the [*] key to select this option. The system will enter its Z-Wave exclusion mode.

3. Remove the device. Activate the inclusion function on the Z-Wave device to clear it from the network. The Z-Wave device will likely have a button for this purpose. However, it may have its inclusion function accessed in a different way. Consult the device's manual for more information. Please note that you may need to bring the Z-Wave device close to the DSC Impassa System when doing this for the command to go through. The panel will display a message stating that a device has been removed.

4. Return to home screen. Repeatedly press the [#] key on the DSC Impassa. This will exit the menu and return the system to its home screen. Any changes to Z-Wave devices will be automatically saved.

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