How Do I Replace the Batteries in the ADC-T3000?

You can replace the batteries in the ADC-T3000 by taking the thermostat off from its mounted back plate, removing the old batteries, and inserting two (2) AA batteries in place of the old ones. Observe polarity when inserting the batteries. Then reapply the thermostat to its back plate.

The ADC-T3000 receives its primary power from the HVAC system that it is connected with. But the unit also has two (2) AA batteries inserted into the rear of the housing, which serve as a backup power supply. This is important, as the Z-Wave Plus thermostat will need this backup power source to continue communicating properly with both the HVAC system and the Z-Wave controller during an electrical outage. The Z-Wave controller in-turn communicates with an interactive platform, such as The user can access this platform remotely to see the current temperature that is detected by the thermostat. Therefore, if the ADC-T3000 didn't have batteries during a power outage, then the user would not be able to see the current detected temperature through the platform. In addition to seeing the current detected temperature, the user can also see the current target temperature and the current device mode through

For best results, the ADC-T3000 should use two (2) alkaline AA batteries. This differs from most security equipment, where lithium batteries are the norm. But for the ADC-T3000, alkaline batteries are recommended. You will know to change the batteries for the ADC-T3000, because the thermostat will display a caution sign and the message LOW BATTERY will be flashing on the display. You should replace the batteries as soon as the current ones are low, as indicated by the thermostat displaying the aforementioned message. Also note that if the device buttons flash amber upon being pressed, without the screen illuminating, then it can be determined that the device batteries are extremely low. Device batteries should be replaced at least once a year, at a minimum.

Important Note: It is possible, if the batteries drain completely, that the system may allow the HVAC system to run continuously, overheating or freezing the home or business.

Complete the following steps to replace ADC-T3000 batteries:

1. Access thermostat back. With the ADC-T3000 Thermostat in its usual position, grip the device and pull it straight forward off its backplate, away from the wall. You can then turn the unit over to access its backside.

2. Remove old batteries. Carefully remove the old batteries from the back of the thermostat. Then dispose of them in a safe manner.

3. Insert new batteries. Insert new batteries in place of the old ones. Remember, you will need two (2) AA batteries. You should use alkaline AA batteries for this application. Make sure the batteries are fresh. You should not mix batteries of different types and/or batteries from different manufacturers. Make sure that polarity is observed when inserting the batteries. That is, the positive (+) and negative (-) ends should both be facing in the proper direction. See each battery's insertion well for information on proper polarity.

4. Reapply thermostat to wall. Take the thermostat, and press it firmly against its mounting backplate. It should lock into place. Verify that the pins on the back of the thermostat are properly aligned with its backplate when doing this. Otherwise, it is possible that you might damage the device.

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