How Do I Replace the Battery on an IQ Panel 2 Alarm System?

You can replace the battery on an IQ Panel 2 Alarm System by powering down the panel, opening it up, disconnecting the old battery, taking it out from the panel, connecting the new one and closing the panel. You can then power the IQ Panel 2 System back on and use it like normal.

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If you need a replacement battery for the IQ Panel 2, you will want to get a Qolsys IQ2 Battery. This battery can keep an IQ Panel 2 System running for up to 24 hours during an electrical outage. However, it will need to be replaced every few years, as it will slowly lose its ability to store a sufficient charge. When this happens, the IQ Panel 2 System will display a low-battery warning.

If you want to replace the battery on an IQ Panel 2 Alarm System, complete the following steps:

1. Power down. Begin from the main screen on the IQ Panel 2. Click the small grey bar at the top. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code (default is 1111) > Power Down. Click OK to confirm the shut down. The system will begin powering down.

2. Open the panel. Press on the two tabs on the bottom of the IQ Panel 2. Then separate the front of the panel from its back cover. You will open the system so that you can access the battery.

3. Take out the battery. Disconnect the battery, and remove it from the system. You can see both the connector and the blue battery itself in the following picture:

4. Apply the new battery. Take a fresh battery, and connect it to the same port that was used by the old battery. You can place the battery in the same location as the old battery.

5. Close the panel. Snap the back cover securely into place to close the panel.

6. Power on the panel. Press down on the power button on the side. The LED light should illuminate, and the system should power back on after a few moments. It may take the battery a few hours with the system running on AC power for it to gain a sufficient charge. At that point, the low-battery warning should go away.

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