How Do I Replace Wired Door Alarm Sensors?

You can replace wired door alarm sensors by disconnecting the wires from the old sensor and connecting them to the new one. You will also need to dismount the old sensor from the door and mount the new one. No programming changes are required, but you should still test the new sensor.

Honeywell 947 75 3 slash 4 diameter steel door recessed contact

Complete the following steps to replace wired door alarm sensors:

1. Remove the old sensor. Use a screwdriver to disconnect the wires from the old sensor. If the sensor is recessed, you will need to pull it out from the door frame to access the screw terminals. You do not need to fish the wires out from the wall. They can be used with the new sensor. If the old sensor is surface-mounted with screws, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws. If it is surface-mounted with double-sided foam tape, take the sensor off the adhesive, and remove the adhesive from the wall. The magnet may be able to be used with the new door contact. But if you plan to replace the magnet, you can remove it at this time.

2. Connect the new sensor. Use a screwdriver to connect the existing wires to the new door sensor. Please see the instruction manual for your sensors if you need further assistance. Make sure that the wires are nice and secure and won't easily come loose.

3. Mount the new sensor. Apply the new sensor to the door frame. If you are keeping the existing magnet, make sure the new sensor is properly aligned. If you are replacing the magnet, then the new one should go on or inside the moving part of the door. If the sensor is surface-mounted, you can use either screws or double-sided foam tape to mount the sensor. If the sensor is recessed, then you will need to insert the sensor into a hole that is drilled into the door frame. Depending on the new sensor, you may need to create a new hole or make the existing hole larger. It's also possible that the new recessed sensor may fit perfectly into the hole used by the old recessed sensor. Make sure that the new sensor and magnet are in direct contact or very close proximity when the door is closed. Most door contacts will not work properly if the magnet spacing gap is larger than 0.5 inches.

4. Test the new sensor. You must test the new sensor to ensure that it works properly. If you test while the system is Disarmed, then you don't really need to put your system on test mode. But if you are monitored and you want to make sure the zone reports to the central station, then test mode is required. To perform the test, close the door. Check the keypad to make sure that the associated zone is not faulted. Then open the door. Check and make sure the faulted zone appears on the keypad. If the fault appears when the door is opened and clears then the door is closed, then the sensor was installed properly and the zone was programmed correctly.

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