How Do I Reset The Honeywell 5853 After An Alarm?

The Honeywell 5853 wireless Glass Break Detector is a surface mounted device and uses dual technology to help mitigate false alarms. However, if an alarm does occur the Honeywell 5853 Glass Break will need to be reset after an alarm. To reset the 5853 Glass Break Detector, enter a 4 digit user code, then the number 1, the same 4 digit user code again and then the number 1 (twice in a row without pausing). This will clear and reset the alarm.

Honeywell uses what they call FlexGuard technology, which the 5853 Glass Break Detector will not trigger an alarm unless it detects two events in sequence. The first event, the 5853 Glass Break Detector expects a signal that is created from the force of impact. It then will expect the audible sound of shattering glass within specific frequency ranges. An alarm will trigger only if these two events take place in sequence and within an appropriate time frame.

The Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector provides a 25 foot detection range with no minimum range limits and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. The 5853 Glass Break Detector will detect glass breaking from multiple types of glass including tempered, wired, laminate and ordinary plate glass and has four sensitivity settings to select from.

The 5853 Glass Break Detector can operate in supervised mode, sending a check in signal every 70-90 minutes. The 5853 also includes tamper protection and will send a tamper signal if the cover is removed or the sensor is dismounted.

The 5853 Glass Break Detector is also aesthetically pleasing with a sleek design that blends into the wall or ceiling where it is mounted.

The 5853 Glass Break Detector is an excellent choice in protection and can remain armed when the security system is in the stay mode.

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