How Do I Set The House ID On A 6160?

The following instructions are to set the House ID using a 6160 programming keypad when connected to a Honeywell Vista 20P control panel.

Enter programming by entering the installer code (Honeywell factory default code is 4112) followed by the numbers 800. The 6160 keypad will display “Installer Code”,( the House ID is 24 on Vista 20P control panel). Enter the star (*) 24. The 6160 keypad display will show House Code 1 2 3 and below that will be the number 24. The numbers 1 2 3 is for the total of partitions the Vista 20P control panel has. The Vista 20P control panel has 2 independent partitions plus a common partition which totals 3. The House ID number will need to be programmed in 3 times due to having 3 partitions. Example: the House ID in this case will be the number 10. Enter the number 10 once, enter the number 10 again (twice), enter the number 10 a third time. After the 3rd time the keypad will beep. After the beep, the display screen will advance to the next field. Press the star (*) key and the display will show Field? Key in the numbers 99 to exit programming.

The Honeywell 6160 keypad is an alphanumeric keypad and is used for programming a Vista panel and is an excellent choice as a primary keypad for a Vista panel as well.

The 6160 keypad must be addressed to match an available keypad address in the Vista control panel. To address a 6160 keypad, enter programming by pressing and holding the number 1 and number 3 key at the same time within the first 60 seconds of powering up the keypad. Once in programming, set the keypad to 00 before entering the address. Address can be set from 00-30, 31 is the factory default address. Use addresses 16-23 for the Vista control panels and keypads.

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