How do I setup Total Connect texts on AT&T cell phones?

Over the past several months, there has been an issue with AT&T customers not receiving text alerts from Total Connect 2.0. Initially it was unclear if it was due to AT&T blocking the flow of messages or Alarmnet (Total Connect's server) not properly sending the messages. Initially, we found a work around to create a filter in a Gmail account and forward to your AT&T cell phone via MMS. This still works reliably but now we have come up with a more streamlined approach.

Honeywell does not add a "1" before the phone number when submitting the phone number to AT&T. AT&T has determined that some area codes look like country codes so they send them to another country accidentally. Until the engineering department fixes the process and starts adding a "1" before the SMS phone number, the SMS gateway will be intermittent based on your area code.

Since Total Connect only allows for a 10 digit phone number with SMS alerts we will be setting up an email address. So it important to click on the email selection in the "Email Address List" when editing your TC user (not the SMS option). After you have selected email, you can enter (Example: Make sure to save the "Users" module.

Next you will receive a text alert with a validation key directly to your cell phone. Go back into your user profile and click on the blue "Validate" button beneath the specific phone number you are trying to validate.

Enter the 8 digit validation key that was sent by text message to your phone into the field on Total Connect. Then click 'Submit.' If you click "Send Key" it will simply send a new validation key.

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