How do I sign up to Total Connect 2.0?

You need to find an AlarmNet dealer and ask them which of their packages come with Total Connect. Luckily, you’re on the site of one such dealer. Alarm Grid offers two packages with Total Connect 2.0. The first one is our self-monitoring package. That plan includes Total Connect without central station service. There is also our Monitoring Plus package which includes Total Connect and central station service.

Having a central station is what people generally think of when they are purchasing alarm monitoring. When there is an intrusion, the central station calls you and asks if it is you that set off the alarm or if it is a possible burglary. If you say it’s a burglary, they will call the police. If it is you, then they won’t. If you are signed up for our Self Monitoring plan that doesn’t include central station service, it just means you don’t get that added protection of someone monitoring your panel. Police do not generally respond to robberies unless they are reported by a central station, so if you’re getting a system to make sure that the police are informed when your house is burgled, Alarm Grid highly recommends the Monitoring Plus package which gives you all the advantages of Total Connect with the protection of traditional monitoring.

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We offer our Self Monitoring plan to anyone with internet access. The central station plans (Basic Monitoring and Monitoring Plus) are only available in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
Do you give the monitoring service in other countries, Mexico for instance?