How Do I Test the ESL 521BXT for Heat Detection?

To test a 521BXT for heat detection, use a hair dryer on its maximum setting to pass hot air back and forth across the device. This process should trigger an alarm and demonstrate that the heat detection function of the 521BXT is working. A successful test will be indicated by a loud siren.

We recommend that users test the heat detection function of their ESL 521BXT at least once per year to make sure that the device is working as it should. Any properly functioning hair dryer on its maximum setting should be fine for conducting the test.

You can test the heat detection function of the ESL 521BXT by completing the following steps:

1. Power on the detector. A solid LED light on the detector will indicate that it is turned on. If the device is not powered on, make sure that its wires have been attached properly and that the detector has been set up with the security panel.

2. Release hot air. Run the hair dryer on its maximum setting, aim it at the detector and pass it back and forth for a few seconds. Hold the hair dryer a few inches away from the ESL 521BXT. Aim for the vents that are shown in the picture below:

3. Trigger the alarm. Continue shooting hot air onto the detector until a siren occurs, indicating a successful test. If no siren occurs after one minute, then the device is not working properly.

4. Reset the detector. Clear the alarm on the security panel to reset the device. This can be accomplished by disarming the panel twice using any active user code.

If your ESL 521BXT detector fails the heat detection test, wait 5 minutes and try the test again. If it fails a 2nd time, you can either continue to use the detector without the heat detector function, or replace the device.

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