How Do I Transfer an Account to Alarm Grid From a Different Alarm Dealer?

You can transfer an account to Alarm Grid from a different alarm dealer by contacting Alarm Grid and providing us with the necessary information to complete the account transfer. By doing this, you will retain your existing account and your same security system.

An account transfer is defined as switching an existing account from one alarm dealer to another. The user's account will remain completely intact and unchanged as far as is concerned. The only difference is that the user will now be receiving monitoring service from a different "partner". account transfers are usually only performed when the user's existing monitoring company is either going out of business or is being "dropped" as an partner. may decide to cut ties with a monitoring company for a variety of reasons.

Please note that if you are switching to Alarm Grid for some other reason, such as being dissatisfied with your existing monitoring company and/or to save money, then performing an account transfer will usually be impossible. In those situations, we will need to build you a completely new account. This will mean reconfiguring all your settings from scratch. You will also need to get your existing alarm company to cancel your account in order to release your system's cellular communicator. Without your communicator being released, you would need to buy a new module. We strongly recommend contacting Alarm Grid before cutting ties with your existing monitoring company, as we can advise you to take the best course of action. However, for the purpose of this FAQ, we will assume that your old monitoring company is either going out of business or is being "dropped" as an partner. As such, a true account transfer will be performed.

The most important thing you need to know about an account transfer is that your Customer ID is absolutely required. We cannot perform an account transfer without that information. There are two (2) ways that you may obtain your Customer ID. The first is that may send you a letter and/or email with this information. This is often done when an existing monitoring company is going out of business or is being dropped as an partner. It is crucial that you keep this letter or email in a safe place and that you do not throw it away. Being able to readily access your Customer ID is essential for the transfer process.

If did not include your Customer ID in the letter or email they sent to you, then you can also obtain it by contacting Customer Support. Their number is (877) 389-4033. Let them know that you received a letter or email about switching your service to a new alarm dealer. They will first verify your name and address, and then have you Arm and Disarm your security system. This will prove that you have access and control of the system. will be able to verify the activity as it occurs, and they can then provide you with your Customer ID for completing the transfer.

Remember, account transfers are only performed if your existing monitoring company is going out of business or is being dropped by If your situation fits into one of those two categories, then an account transfer is possible. Complete the following steps if you are wanting to have your existing account transferred to Alarm Grid:

1. Contact Alarm Grid. Whenever you are looking to switch to Alarm Grid or start service with Alarm Grid, you should always contact us first. This should be done before contacting your existing monitoring company or It is crucial that we make sure that we can support your system. We must also verify that either you have your Customer ID, or that there is a legitimate way to help you obtain that information. The best way to contact us is by emailing Or you may call us at (888) 818-7728. Remember that our support hours run from 9am to 8pm ET M-F.

2. Request a transfer. Once you have retrieved your Customer ID from, provide this information to your new alarm dealer. Remember, transferring an account in this manner is usually only possible if your old alarm company is going out of business or is being dropped as an partner. The new alarm dealer will submit the request to, requesting a transfer of the account and providing the Customer ID. will be aware that you plan to transfer your account, either because they suggested it to you in a letter or email, or because you told them that you planned to change companies when you called to get your Customer ID.

3. Transfer to Alarm Grid. Since you are activating service with Alarm Grid, we will consider your account to be an activation. This is true even though we are not building an entirely new account. As a result, you will need to sign-up for a new account with Alarm Grid. You can do this by choosing a monitoring plan from our alarm monitoring page. Since you are using, you must choose a Gold or Platinum Level Plan (Self or Full). Make sure to mention that you are transferring your existing account from a different alarm company to Alarm Grid in your sign-up notes. An Alarm Grid technical support expert will then work with you to establish service with Alarm Grid at your scheduled activation time slot. You will not be charged until the activation process is finished.

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