How Do I Turn Off The Voice Function On The 6160V?

The Honeywell 6160V is a talking alphanumeric keypad, which in addition to displaying system status, can also speak armed status, and zone descriptions when in chime mode, if desired. The 6160V has volume control.

To adjust the voice volume level, do the following:

Press: Function [#] Voice [0] Volume [2] then press the 3 [Up Arrow] or 6 [Down Arrow] to adjust the volume up or down. The 6160V has 4 volume levels to select from. Each entry of 3 or 6 increases or decreases the volume by one level. After each selection, the keypad will respond with “check” so the sound level can be verified. Adjusting the volume will affect the volume of all sounds on the 6160V keypad except alarm sounds. The 6160V alarm volume will remain at full volume.

The 6160V keypad has an internal speaker for sound annunciation, which can be unplugged. It also has a voice chime mode that can be turned on or off. When initially setting up the 6160V, a prompt will be displayed of "VOICE CHIME?" Press the number 1 to enable voice chime mode or the number 0 to disable the voice chime mode. Press the star (*) key to save your selected voice chime selection. If Voice Chime is enabled at the time of install, but you would like to temporarily toggle this feature off, press Function [#] Voice [0] Volume [2] Max [4]. If the Voice chime was on, you will hear the keypad speak "Off". Pressing #024 again will then toggle this feature back on, and you will hear the keypad speak "On".

The 6160V keypad also has a voice message center feature. Users can record one message up to 2 ½ minutes long. The volume of the message can be adjusted using the same instructions to control the voice function, [#] [0] [2] and [3] or [6] for Up or Down. Changing the volume of the message will change the volume for the keypad.

The Honeywell 6160V keypad is compatible with Honeywell hardwired control panels like the Vista series control panels. When the 6160V is paired with either the Vista 15P or the Vista 20P control panels address 16 must be used for the first keypad, then 17-23 for secondary keypads.

The Honeywell 6160V keypad is an excellent choice and is also used for zone programming on Vista series control panels.

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