How Do I Wire A Honeywell 6160 Keypad To My System?

The Honeywell 6160 is an alphanumeric keypad and is compatible with Honeywell hardwired control panels like the Vista series control panels.

Using 18-22 gauge wire only, using a flathead screwdriver, press the 2 release notches at the bottom of the keypad and pull the side of the case back away. Now, insert the screwdriver in the side of the keypad and twist to release the side locking tab. Repeat on the other side.

Now that the keypad case is open, route wiring from the control panel through the opening in the keypad back case. Mount the keypad to the wall or a single or double gang electrical box. Wire directly from the keypad terminal block to the terminal block on the control panel. Run the green wire from the keypad terminal G to the control panel “data in” terminal. Run the black wire from the (-) terminal on the keypad to the Aux Pwr (GND) terminal on the control panel. Run the red wire from the (++) terminal on the keypad to the Aux Pwr terminal on the control panel. Run the yellow wire from the Y terminal on the keypad to the “data out” terminal on the control panel. No more than one wire per terminal may be connected. Reattach the keypad to its case back.

The Honeywell 6160 alphanumeric is an awesome keypad and is essential for programming zones on a Vista control panel. The 6160 will allow users to access *56 which is the zone programming sub menu. The keypad display will show which section of programming the control panel is in to avoid errors.

To enter programming on the 6160 keypad, enter the installer code (Honeywell’s default installer code is 4112) followed by the numbers 800 without pausing between. Once in programming mode, use the star (*) key and the field number listed in the programming guide. To continue to another field, enter the star (*) key and field number. Press the star (*) key followed by 99 to exit programming.

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A picture of what you mean may be helpful. There is a terminal strip for connecting the 6160 to its alarm panel, but I believe that one is green.
What's the deal with the white <em>terminal strip</em> on the back of the 6160 - I'm not finding much information about it?

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