How Do I Wire A Plug-In Transformer On A Vista?

To wire a Honeywell 1321 AC transformer to a Honeywell Vista control panel, one must measure the length from the control panel to the outlet the transformer will be plugged into.

Make sure the outlet is not controlled by a wall switch The wire run length determines what gauge wire is needed. 22 gauge, 2 conductor wire is standard for up to 25 feet. For wire runs between 25 feet and 50 feet, use 20 gauge, 2 conductor, runs between 50 feet and 100 feet use 18 gauge, 2 conductor and for runs between 100 feet - 250 feet use 16 gauge, 2 conductor.

Cut the length of wire and using wire strippers, strip back the white rubber coating on the wire almost 3 inches from both ends of the wire exposing both the red and black wires. Carefully strip both the red and black wires no more than 1 inch from each end.

Make sure the Vista control panel is completely powered down and disconnecting the back up battery as well.

Loosen the two screws on the back of the 1321 transformer and wrap the red wire around one terminal making sure there is no and tighten the screw. Do the same with the black wire, wrap it around the other terminal and tighten the screw. The 1321 transformer is an AC transformer so it does not matter which terminal the red and black wires connect to. Now connect the opposite end of the wires to terminals 1 and 2 on the control panel. Again it does not matter which terminal the red and black wires connect to. Connect the red wire to terminal 1 or 2 and tighten the terminal screw. Connect the black wire following the same procedure.

Plug in the transformer before reconnecting the back up battery.

If the Honeywell control panel is a Vista 10P, Vista 15P or Vista 20P and a GSMV4G or iGSMV communicator is also being installed, users can use the Honeywell 1361 Transformer instead of having to install 2 separate transformers. However, 2 separate wires will need to run.

Follow the same instructions to determine gauge wire to use dependent of length.

Make sure the panel is completely powered down and the back up battery is disconnected.

First, wire the transformer to the control panel connecting to terminals 1 and 2 ( AC terminals). Next, connect the second 2 conductor wire to the power terminals of the GSMV4G or iGSMV4G communicator and to the same 1 and 2 terminals on the control panel. When completed, there will be one set of wires coming from the communicator and one set of wires coming from the 1361 transformer ( 2 red wired conductors under one AC terminal and (2) black wire conductors under the other AC terminal on the alarm control panel).

Plug the transformer into the outlet confirming the outlet is not controlled by a wall switch. Connect the back up battery.

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Per the previous conversation, it looks like like you were using the red and black wires.
I ignored the yellowuu and green wires but when I plus the transformer the alarm still come on? I unplugged it the other day not knowing what it was for and disconnected all the wires and can’t remember which colors went together.
You only need to use the black and red wires, the green and yellow (or white) can be ignored.
Honey well plug in it has four wires which wires gose togther please there a black and rwd and white and green

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