How Do I Wire an IS3035 Motion to My Security System?

You can wire an IS3035 motion to your security system by making the appropriate connections at the terminal block of the device. You will need an 18 to 22 gauge wire to make the connection. The wire runs from an open zone on the panel, to the terminal block found inside the detector.

The IS3035 motion detector is compatible with most wired security systems. The device employs a normally closed loop. This is the type of loop that the majority of wired security systems use for security sensors. Additionally, the IS3035 will need to be powered by a 12VDC source connected to its power terminals. Most wired security systems have a powered output that can be used for this purpose. The motion uses 11mA of current in standby and 13mA when in alarm.

Complete the following steps to wire an IS3035 to a security system:

1. Open the sensor. On the bottom of the unit, turn the small locking wheel to the unlock position. Firmly press down on the tab latch, and then separate the front from the back of the motion.

2. Identify and remove the terminal block. The terminal block is the small plastic square with screw heads on top of it. This is where the wires connect. Push the two tabs beneath the terminal block down, and lift the block out of the motion.

3. Wire the terminal block. Strip the end of each wire that will be connected to the motion. For the zone, the positive or high side will connect to terminal 3, and the negative, or low side, should connect to terminal 4 of the IS3035. The power terminals must have the negative wire connected to terminal 2, and the positive wire connected to terminal 1. There is a separate tamper circuit on the IS3035, which is also normally closed. This tamper can be wired in series with the motion's alarm zone, or it can be wired to a separate zone. You can also choose not to use the tamper output.

Double check that you have the power wires connected with proper polarity prior to powering the motion up. Shorting the power wires with reversed polarity can damage the motion.

4. Reinstall the terminal block. When proper wiring has been confirmed, place the bottom corners of the terminal block back into its designated plastic holder. Push the top of the terminal block into the unit until it clips into place. A wire tie comes with the IS3035, meant to be used to secure the wires where they enter the motion from the back. Install if desired, and cut off the extra tie wrap. Finally, press the unit back together.

The video shown below will provide you with additional assistance in wiring the motion detector:

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