How do you change the battery on a Honeywell 5800RPS?

The battery on a Honeywell 5800RPS wireless recessed door sensor should last approximately (7) years under normal use. However, once the battery starts to run out, your Honeywell security system will alert you that the zone number programmed to your 5800RPS wireless sensor has a low battery. You will then have to replace the wireless recessed door sensor's battery within the next (30) days to avoid having the sensor stop working.

As the Honeywell 5800RPS was installed within your door, replacing the battery on the recessed sensor is not as simple as surface mounted sensors. First, you must remove the (2) screws that hold the recessed sensor in place on your door. Next, using a small flathead screwdriver, gently pry the 5800RPS from the door. Be careful not to break the flanges on the 5800RPS when prying it from its installation hole. Once the wireless recessed door sensor is completely removed from the door, use the flathead screwdriver to separate the base of the 5800RPS from the rest of the sensor by inserting the head of the screwdriver between the base and the transmitter and turning counter clockwise. Remove the old battery from the bottom of the recessed sensor and discard properly. Using a new 3V lithium coin cell battery (CR1620), insert the fresh battery into the sensor making sure to observe polarity. You will find a marking for the positive polarity on the battery holder to help guide you. Honeywell recommends only using Energizer or Panasonic brand batteries with the 5800RPS wireless recessed door sensor. Once the fresh battery has been installed you should hold the base and carefully pull on the antenna to slide the transmitter back into the base until it snaps in place. Finally, insert the antenna into the drilled hole of your door and then push the 5800RPS back into its place. To keep the wireless recessed door sensor from falling out of the door, use the (2) screws you previously removed to secure the device in its mounting hole.

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