How do I connect a 7847i to security system keypad bus?

If you want your Honeywell 7847i internet alarm communicator to transmit full event data to Alarm Grid's central station, you should set it up for LRR-ECP data communications. Make sure your Honeywell security system supports ECP communications before connecting the 7847i.

The keypad bus of your Honeywell security system is also known as the ECP terminals of the alarm control panel. These are the terminals you use to connect alarm keypads, wireless receivers, and other peripheral devices to your Honeywell security system. You will wire the 7847i internet communicator in parallel with all other devices connected to the keypad bus. You will need a (4) conductor low voltage wire with 18 or 22 gauge. You should connect the red wire to terminal 3 on the 7847i. Terminal 3 is labeled with 'V+'. Connect the black wire to terminal 4, labeled 'GND' for ground. Connect the yellow wire to terminal 5, labeled 'ECP DATA IN'. Finally connect the green wire to terminal 6, labeled 'ECP DATA OUT'. With the 7847i wired up, you then need to land the wires to the keypad bus of your Honeywell security system. The red wire should be landed on the terminal labeled for +12V power. The black wire should be wired to the ground terminal. The yellow wire should be connected to the ECP terminal for data out. The green wire should be connect to the only remaining ECP terminal for data in. It is very important that data out on the 7847i is connected to data in on the alarm control panel and that data in on the 7847i is connected to data out on the alarm control panel. The 7847i will get power from the keypad bus and does not need a separate power supply unless you have already maxed out the auxiliary power output of your Honeywell security system with other peripheral devices.

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