Can I program L3000 panel using Total Connect?

Unfortunately, you can not easily program your Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus alarm control panel using your Total Connect or Total Connect 2.0 account. You can check the status of your LYNX Plus security system using your Total Connect account and you can arm or disarm your LYNX Plus alarm control panel, but there are no options for changing the programming of your Honeywell home security system. The only possible way to program your L3000 LYNX Plus security system through your Total Connect account is to use the virtual keypad. As the virtual keypad emulates the real alarm keypad and connects to the L3000 LYNX Plus using the ECP data communications, you can use the Total Connect virtual keypad to make any programming changes that you would through the keypad on your L3000 alarm control panel. However, Honeywell does not recommend making system programming changes using your Total Connect keypad. The reason Honeywell does not recommend it is that if your connection times out in the middle of your programming changes, your entries may not have been confirmed and you will not be sure if your changes were accepted. You would then have to go through the programming menus at the actual L300 LYNX Plus alarm control panel to verify that your settings match what you intended.

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