How Does an L7000 Communicate With Total Connect?

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch L7000 is the latest version of the Lynx series. The Lynx Touch L7000 allows you to communicate with Total Connect 2.0 by 2 different (two) options. Using a cell communicator, GSMVLP5-4G or connecting via Wifi.

To connect the Lynx Touch L7000 via Wifi, you need an L5100 Wifi Module. The L5100 Wifi module provides an easy and secure way to connect the panel to the internet. An ILP5 Ethernet module can also be used to connect via internet, this is a wired module.

To connect by cell communicator, a simple install of the GSMVLP5-4G sends signals via cell towers.Using a cell communicator you never have to worry about someone cutting an outside line.

Dual path communication is also an option. Dual path is being connected by both the internet and a cell communicator. With dual path communication, the first path of communication is the internet, for some reason, if the signal does not go through example: the internet being down, the cell communicator would send a signal. Dual path communication can be achieved only by using the GSMVLP5-4g and the L5100Wifi module. Dual path cannot be used with the ILP5 module as this connects to the same port as the cell unit.

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