How long will a battery backup power the L5000?

The Honeywell L5000 LYNX Touch wireless security system has a LYNXRCHKIT-SC battery backup included that will provide power to the system for (4) hours when no AC power is present. You can also upgrade to the LYNXRCHK-HC high capacity battery backup to get (24) hours of power during a power outage. If one of the L5000 LYNX Touch wireless security systems is using the AlarmNet GSVMLP5 cellular alarm communicator, it will require an upgrade to the LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity battery to get (24) hours of backup power for your Honeywell wireless security system.

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We try to keep these questions relevant to the topic of FAQ. However I would recommend excluding and re-including the Zwstat with your L5200. If the issue persists or you are unable to exclude and include, please email us at
I have a Honeywell zstat thermostat installed with a lynx 5200. The thermostat says communication error and is not syncing with the zwave card. Can you help? Is there a zwave card in the zstat that may be bad?
Honeywell responded "The L5200\L7000 backup battery rating is Agency (UL\ETL) tested based on a “loaded” current draw. Testing was done with a GSM and WiFi card attached to the panels." I hope that helps.
No, unfortunately there is no way to check the current battery status from the L7000 touch screen.
I'm not actually sure how Honeywell came up with the listed standby times as you are correct, the math doesn't seem to add up but they list specifically on page 10 of the installation guide ( ) that the super high capacity battery will last for at least 24 hours. We'll check with them and see if we can get a better answer.
Also, is there any way to tell via a diagnostic screen on my Lynx 7000 what the battery's current state of charge is?
The math on these batteries and their supposed lifespan seems fishy to me. The High Cap battery is 3700mah (24hrs) and the standard is 1100mah (4hrs). The larger is only 3.7x the capacity and yet it's good for almost 6x the life? What gives?

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